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Proudly Providing A Comprehensive Range Of Services

We passionately offer full-scope services adapted to our international and local-based clients, encompassing large multinationals, banking institutions, and high-net-worth individuals. Services include, among others, Fiduciary, Company Administration, Secretarial, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Escrow, Payroll, and Fund Administration services. Moreover, through our associates, we provide Aviation, Yachting, and Crew Management & Administration services.

Compliance Services
CPM provides the service of assisting Compliance Departments with their AML regulatoryrequirements as per the applicable Legislation and the Directives of CySEC. The Complianceservice include: Undertaking the full scope of due diligence and AML compliance procedure from theonboarding phase to periodic update and monitoring, we coordinate the entire clientonboarding process, including:- Collection- Identification- Verification- Screening- Background searches- Risk assessment Performing ongoing monitoring and periodic reviews so to keep the due diligenceinformation updated in accordance with the risk rating of each client. Assisting in the establishment of internal compliance procedures. Assisting in the preparation of the periodic regulatory reporting to entities regulated byCySEC.
Banking Services
CPM offers a wide range of bank account services to Cypriot companies, foreign corporate bodies as well as to individuals, as CPM maintains close working relationships with all local banks and with some of the most prominent banks in Europe. CPM bank account services include: Opening and operating bank accounts with local and international banks Processing and executing banking instructions Providing internet banking facilities Opening deposit accounts and other investment accounts Opening of brokerage accounts Providing debit and credit card facilities Providing bank signatories Arranging and providing facilities for meetings with bank officers, advocates and other professionals Acting as introducers to local banks for CPM clients Providing translation services for most European languages in relation to banking requirements
Trustee Services
CPM is a pioneer in the field of Trustee Services in Cyprus.  It enjoys the prestige and respect of both clients and competitors as it was amongst the first providers of Trustee services in the island and maintains an unblemished record of Trustee conduct. CPM has been involved in the setting and administration of Trusts since its inception in 1996. CPM provides unmatched industry expertise and reliable service to clients from all over the world. CPM provides assistance with relation to the establishment and administration of trusts, ensuring full confidentiality. In collaboration with specialist trust lawyers, CPM sets up a wide variety of trusts, from simple to complex structures, including discretionary trusts, purpose trusts, and trusts involved in employee bonus schemes, always in accordance with the individual’s personal circumstances and requirements. CPM’s top management are members of the International Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), which is the leading worldwide professional body for practitioners in the fields of trusts, estates, and related issues. CPM Trustee Services include: Assisting with the establishment and administration of local and international trusts, including discretionary trusts, purpose trusts and trusts involved in employee bonus Acting as Corporate Trustee Making distributions to beneficiaries in accordance with the instructions of the Settlor Opening and managing all bank accounts in Cyprus and abroad Maintaining the trust’s accounting records Liaising with fund managers for the operation of investment accounts
Company Registration
CPM provides a comprehensive range of company registration services in Cyprus, which include professional advice and assistance aiming to determine the best corporate structure for the client. The services offered include: Advising on the preferred shareholding structure Drafting of the Memorandum and Articles of Association The composition of the Board of Directors and any other relevant corporate matter Liaising with the competent local authorities to ensure the prompt incorporation of the company In addition to Cyprus company registrations, CPM incorporates and provides services to companies in most major jurisdictions through its extensive network of corporate lawyers and company consultants, including key offshore jurisdictions such as the BVI, the Cayman Islands, the Seychelles, UAE, Malta, Hong Kong, Belize, Panama and others. Furthermore, CPM provides valuable assistance with the setup of the following structures: Partnerships Branches International Trusts Alternative Investment Funds Shipping Companies In the cases where licenses from the local regulatory authorities are required, CPM, in collaboration with its expert legal advisors, can guide you efficiently through the licensing processes.
Company Administration and Secretarial Services
CPM offers corporate administration and secretarial services in order to ensure that the companies are compliant with all the relevant Cyprus statutory obligations. CPM also provides corporate administration services for companies operating in other jurisdictions. CPM services include: Organising facilities for directors and shareholders meetings Preparing minutes of directors and shareholders meetings (including the Annual General Meeting) Preparing documentation reflecting changes in the: Memorandum and Articles of Association Directors and shareholders Secretary and registered office Company’s name Authorised and issued capital (to include allotments with premium) Organising the transfer of shares Organising and registering share pledges and other company charges Filing financial statements and annual returns with the Registrar of Companies Filing of all statutory returns with Registrar of Companies Maintaining statutory records and registers of the company Maintaining the common seal of the company in safe custody Handling correspondence with third parties and various authorities Arranging for the translation of documentation by certified translators Arranging notarisation, certification and apostille authentication or legalization of incorporation documents and others Issuing and/or preparing specific Powers of Attorney Signing of contracts and other documents Arranging for legal opinions or other legal work where necessary Coordinating business processes such as audit and tax through associate accountancy firms Undertaking company searches and due diligence requirements Assisting in obtaining any necessary license for a company to perform its business activity (e.g.: investment services; portfolio management) The above services are offered in collaboration with legal advisors experts in corporate law.
Cyprus Substance Solutions
CPM offers a variety of services aimed to support the business substance and functioning of the office in Cyprus. Depending on the level of substance required, CPM may assist with all the steps necessary towards establishing a fully-fledged office in Cyprus, including: All formalities regarding identification and rental of the office space Insurance policy coverage Telecom and IT support Services including domain registration Registration of the company as an employer in Cyprus Employees hiring process and other HR related assignments Migration of employees to Cyprus Accounting, VAT and payroll services Daily support of the business on all administrative matters  CPM recognises that each business has unique requirements, internal processes and operating practices. Due to that, substance solutions available are always based on the individual needs of the clients and specific circumstances of the business.
Payroll Services
CPM offers full range of payroll services to Companies which employ staff in Cyprus and abroad and need assistance with the preparation of their monthly payroll procedures. CPM professional staff is dedicated to deliver the most cost efficient and effective services to its clients. CPM payroll services include: Payroll calculation can be processed monthly or weekly, based on the client’s request. Registration of the Company, as an employer, to Social Insurance Department Registration/ deregistration of employees to the Social Insurance Department through the online registration System of the SI Department the so called ‘Ergani’. Registration of new employees to the Income Tax Department. Preparation and provision of confidential electronic pay slips to the employees at the end of each payroll run. Calculation and extract from the system, monthly social insurance contributions and related tax (PAYE) reports. Undertaking payment to employees’ personal accounts through online banking transfers with the help of CPM Banking Department. Ability to send an electronic file to the Bank for the payment of employees Completing and submitting the monthly social insurance contributions report through the online payment system (Sisinet) of the Social Insurance Department. The online payment systems allow payments to be perform automatically provided the details of the employer’s bank account are uploaded to the system. Preparation and distribution to employees, annually, their Emolument certificate (IR63). Preparation and submission of the annual Employer’s Declaration form (IR7), for the Company, to the Tax Authorities. Obtaining relevant clearance certificates/ confirmation required from the Social Insurance Department for expatriate employees for the purpose of renewal of their work permit.
Fiduciary Services
CPM provides the following fiduciary services: Director management services One of the key criteria to demonstrating that the management and control of a company is carried out within Cyprus is for the majority of the directors on the Board to be Cyprus residents and that the major management decisions of the company are taken in Cyprus.  Nominee shareholders CPM can hold shares in trust for the benefit of the client and deal with, or dispose of the shares, as the beneficial owner shall instruct. CPM ensures that the personal information of the beneficial owner is not disclosed under any circumstances, unless required to do so by the Courts or as part of an investigation into certain specific criminal activities.  Registered office CPM can provide a registered office address together with any required facilities in the desired country of incorporation, as required by law.  Secretary Every Cyprus company must have a secretary who is responsible for maintaining the company’s statutory registers and records in accordance with the standards imposed by the laws of Cyprus. The secretary shall act under the instructions of the board of directors in order to prepare and file all statutory forms, resolutions and annual returns with the Registrar of Companies.
Escrow Services
CPM is proud of its extensive experience in acting as an escrow agent in many transactions. Capitalising on this experience, CPM can guarantee the successful completion of a transaction. An escrow agent provides security for the completion of a transaction by holding cash or any other assets, securities or documentation to be released only if specific conditions are met in accordance with the terms of the escrow agreement. CPM acts as an escrow agent offering third-party business solutions, to secure financial obligations between two or more parties arising from commercial transactions, such as corporate acquisitions and trade transactions, thus mitigating financial performance risk. CPM Escrow Services include: Drafting and/or reviewing of an escrow agreement Establishment of a dedicated escrow account with reputable financial institutions in Cyprus or in other jurisdictions when required (For the purpose of the escrow arrangement, such account shall be used exclusively for the specified transaction)
Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
CPM Accounting & Bookkeeping Services include: Day to day bookkeeping Preparation and submission of VAT returns and VIES declarations and other VAT related services Preparation of financial statements in compliance with IFRSs and the requirements of the Cyprus Companies Law Preparation of periodic management accounts Payment of corporate taxes Invoicing services Provision of accounting personnel on a temporary basis upon request
Indirect Tax Services / VAT Services
CPM offers assistance to Companies in meeting their VAT obligations. CPM VAT services include: VAT advisory services: Reviewing of business activities and advising on any possible VAT implications Reviewing of existing or drafting agreements and advise accordingly Advising and supporting Companies with VAT registration, deregistration procedures and identify the risk of non-compliance Preparation and submission of quarterly VAT returns and monthly VIES declarations Assisting CPM clients with VAT recovery procedures: Local refund claims EU refund claims Assistance with Tax VAT audits and related questions raised by the Tax Authorities Fiscal representation services
Fund Administration Services
Visit CPF websiteNAV Calculation and Valuation CPF, part of CPM group, ensures for the accurate and timely release of the fund NAV with the required frequency utilizing state-of the-art software to process client information in the most reliable manner. CPF’s extensive reporting capabilities can meet a wide range of needs and can be specifically tailored to suit the requirements of each client.  CPF Services offered include: Maintenance of multi-currency accounting records Calculation of all fund related fees (including performance fees and equalization) Calculation and disbursement of income and dividend distributions Preparation of portfolio valuation reports Calculation and targeted communication of NAV per share and other entitlements Audit assistance Preparation of interim and annual financial statements Preparation and filing of reports and returns with the regulators Management of the custodian’s orders to pay or deposit cash and securities. Tailored-made Accounting (including FIFO, LIFO, Costs Accounting, Partnership Accounting, International Accounting Standards) Multiple price sourcing and reconciliation Transfer Agency – Fund Administration back office CPF Services offered include: Issuance, transfer, allotment, conversion, redemption and / or purchasing of units / shares in accordance with the Articles and Memorandum of Association and the instructions of the client Management of reception, recording and dealing of letters of administration, powers of attorney, dividend mandates, vesting orders, notices of change of names and other documents affecting the title to shares or any dividends payable, and consequently updating the register Maintenance of company accounts and financial records as required by law and proper conduct rules of the company Processing of Subscriptions and Redemptions Deal with complex legal structure functionality. Customized investor statements Pricing services and fee processing Share register management Accounting for complex entities and investment companies CPF Services offered include: Tailored Accounting (share classes, multi asset classes funds, fees schedule, prospectus defined accounting methods) Multiple pricing sourcing and reconciliations Consolidated reporting Adherence with all IFRS Accounting standards AML/KYC and Compliance CPF Services offered include: Assisting in the preparation of all related reporting to Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and Central Bank of Cyprus Performing AML/KYC procedures on Investors as per applicable legislation Transaction monitoring Undertaking the full scope of CRS/FATCA compliance from initial analysis to reporting
Immigration Services
CPM provides assistance to newcomers in Cyprus with relation to the entire immigration process for almost twenty years. CPM has a dedicated immigration team and can provide permanent residency and all types of temporary visas and work permits. CPM is very well positioned in assisting its clients in all their immigration and relocation projects since CPM maintains excellent relations with leading Cyprus banks, business consultancy firms, international law forms, property developers and real estate agents. Assistance for obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit CPM services include: Providing specialised advice on the relevant legislation and procedures Assisting with the completion of the application form Reviewing documents, providing guidance and collecting all relevant information so that the application is complete Acting as a representative of the individual and submitting the form to the Cyprus Authorities Posting submission of the application CPM immigration team continuously monitors the status  Other Immigration Services CPM services include: Assisting companies with their registration at the Civil Registry and Migration Department Assisting in obtaining the relevant work and temporary residence permits for third country nationals and their dependents Assisting EU citizens with their registration at the relevant Authorities
HR Services
CPM provides assistance with relation to the implementation of all aspects of recruitment process including: Advertising open positions on behalf of CPM clients Utilizing CPM records and network to identify qualified individuals Screening and assessing potential candidates through personal interviews Identifying suitable candidates that meet industry requirements for the related position Presenting to CPM clients an overall evaluation of each short-listed candidate Advising and assisting in negotiating the salary and other terms of an Employment Agreement with the successful candidate Reviewing and/or preparing the Employment Agreement and all relevant documents for signature Advising on employment law issues (in collaboration with labour law legal advisors)
Members Voluntary Liquidation & Strike-off
Members Voluntary Liquidation CPM provides the services of a licensed insolvency practitioner to act as a liquidator and these include: Making the necessary filings with the Registrar of Companies Assisting the Directors with the preparation of the Declaration of Solvency Arranging for the required publications in the Government Gazette Arranging for the preparation of the audited financial statements of the company Arranging for the Tax Clearance Certificate to be obtained Arranging for the settlement of any liabilities of the company and distributing any surplus assets Preparing the liquidation accounts Strike-off CPM services include: Arranging for submission of any annual returns due Preparing the required corporate authorities Preparing and submitting the required application to the Registrar of Companies and making the respective notifications to the relevant authorities
IT Services
CPM offers the following IT Services: Domain Name registration under local (com.cy and .cy) or other domain levels Setup of personalized e-mail addresses/accounts Website hosting services Telephony services (only available if client premises are available) Broadband internet services (only available if client premises are available) Hardware equipment consultancy and procurement Software/application consultancy and procurement IT support and consultancy services relating to the above and other topics of ICT
Ancillary Services
CPM cooperates with highly regarded partners and associates to ensure that our clients areoffered best solutions for corporate transactional structuring and complimentary servicescrucial for businesses undergoing strategic or organisational changes. Such services includebut are not limited to: Business valuations Preparation of business plans Feasibility studies Financial due diligence Loan restructuring
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