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Immigration Services

CPM provides assistance to newcomers in Cyprus with relation to the entire immigration process for almost twenty years. CPM has a dedicated immigration team and can provide permanent residency and all types of temporary visas and work permits.

CPM is very well positioned in assisting its clients in all their immigration and relocation projects since CPM maintains excellent relations with leading Cyprus banks, business consultancy firms, international law forms, property developers and real estate agents.

Assistance for obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit

CPM services include:

  • Providing specialised advice on the relevant legislation and procedures
  • Assisting with the completion of the application form
  • Reviewing documents, providing guidance and collecting all relevant information so that the application is complete
  • Acting as a representative of the individual and submitting the form to the Cyprus Authorities
  • Posting submission of the application CPM immigration team continuously monitors the status 

Other Immigration Services

CPM services include:

  • Assisting companies with their registration at the Civil Registry and Migration Department
  • Assisting in obtaining the relevant work and temporary residence permits for third country nationals and their dependents
  • Assisting EU citizens with their registration at the relevant Authorities
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Our Service Team
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