CPM GROUP: Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic


Dear clients and associates,

As the present situation with COVID-19 is spreading rapidly, we assure you that all areas of practice of the CPM Group are operating uninterrupted with the same professionalism, diligence and effectiveness.

Our priority remains the well-being of our people as well as the continuity of the operations of our clients’ business.

To achieve that, we have decided that our offices will be functioning with a lesser number of staff and at the same time we have equipped our people with adequate resources to work remotely from home and we have taken all the necessary IT security measures to safeguard our servers and our IT systems.

As you may have been informed many of the governmental authorities such as the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Justice (including legalization of documents by apostil, courts etc.), Immigration office, Social Insurance department, Income Tax department etc., are working with skeleton staff. Be assured that we are in constant communication with them and we are doing our best to accommodate your needs the soonest possible.

We are committed to continue to support you as always and to mitigate the impact of this crisis for the benefit of your businesses and the world community.

Costas Christoforou