COVID-19 pandemic: Registrar of Companies measures


Dear Clients and Associates,

Further to the classification of the coronavirus by the World Health Organization as a pandemic due to the uncontrolled spread of the virus all over the world, the Republic of Cyprus took strict measures in order to effectively minimize the spread of the virus in Cyprus as much as possible.

Inevitably and consequently, all those measures which have been taken by the Republic, had an impact on each sector οf the economy. 

In order to help and support the companies/businesses which are affected by the measures taken by the Government, the Registrar of Companies has notified us that the de-registration of companies not filing their annual returns shall be suspended until January 2021. The Registrar decided also to postpone the imposition of penalties for late submission of annual returns and other filings of statutory forms until 2021. Moreover, the payment of the due annual license fee is extended until the end of 2020.