HR Services

Our team of experienced HR professionals can assist in implementing all aspects of recruitment process including:

  • Advertising open positions on behalf of our clients
  • Utilizing our records and network to identify qualified individuals
  • Screening and assessing potential candidates through personal interviews
  • Identifying suitable candidates that meet industry requirements for the related position
  • Presenting to our clients an overall evaluation of each short-listed candidate
  • Advising and assisting in negotiating the salary and other terms of an Employment Agreement with the successful candidate
  • Reviewing and/or preparing the Employment Agreement and all relevant documents for signature
  • Advising on employment law issues (in collaboration with labour law legal advisors)

Why choose us?

  • We put clients first
  • We are an experienced team of multilingual and highly skilled professionals
  • We have extensive industry knowledge
  • We offer quality, practical solutions with a highly personalised service

Service Team