Escrow Services

At CPM, we are proud of our extensive experience in acting as escrow agents in many transactions. Capitalising on this experience, we can guarantee the successful completion of a transaction.

An escrow agent provides security for the completion of a transaction by holding cash or any other assets, securities or documentation to be released only if specific conditions are met in accordance with the terms of the escrow agreement. We act as escrow agents offering third-party business solutions, to secure financial obligations between two or more parties arising from commercial transactions, such as corporate acquisitions and trade transactions, thus  mitigating financial performance risk.

Our range of services includes the drafting and/or reviewing of an escrow agreement. Within the scope of the provisions of the escrow services, we can establish, when required, a dedicated escrow account with reputable financial institutions in Cyprus or in other jurisdictions. For the purpose of the escrow arrangement, such account shall be used exclusively for the specified transaction.

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  • We put clients first
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